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Want A Deal?

Of course everyone wants to get a great deal on a house or commercial property.  Sometimes the best deals are foreclosure properties, other times they are not.  Trust our team to give you the honest advice that you need when making sure that you are getting a great deal and not buying a "money pit!"

When you hire us, you will get the best advice on locating, negotiating and purchasing Rochester MN foreclosure properties.  We go the extra mile for our clients by walking you through evaluating each home or commercial property as an opportunity for either a rental/investment property, personal residence, or a fix and re-sell (flipping) opportunity.  We help you value the house, determine what the future rental rates will be, total repair costs, and the new value after all repairs and updates have been completed.  We also have systems in place to help our clients maximize the value of their homes in the future.

Want to be the First to Know When New Foreclosures Houses and Bank Owned Commercial Properties are Listed?

Set up your initial Foreclosure Search by clicking here.  We'll save the initial search that you set up - then we will send NEW FORECLOSURE LISTINGS and FORECLOSURE PRICE REDUCTIONS immediately so you do not miss out on any great deals.  Feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have about buying a foreclosure property - we're here to help!



By hiring the Rochester MN Homes Team you will receive the following assistance when buying a foreclosure property:

  • Finding deeply discounted Rochester area foreclosures and pre-foreclosure opportunities
  • Determining possible short and long term investment value of Rochester MN area foreclosed homes
  • Rolling up our sleeves and going through the difficult process of working with Rochester MN area foreclosure institutions and banks to get you the best deal possible
  • Negotiating very favorable real estate contracts and terms for Rochester MN foreclosure properties
  • Creating action plans for clients who plan to buy, occupy, rent, sell or hold Rochester foreclosure homes
  • Providing our clients with accurate and up to date information about Rochester MN foreclosures - including a Foreclosure List (contact us to join).

Our team also offers a weekly Hot Deals list which not only includes bank owned foreclosures, but the following homes as well:

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Estate Properties
  • Short Sales
  • Vacant Homes
  • Deeply Discounted Homes
  • Homes with absentee owners
  • Distressed Properties in need of repairs

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